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End of Year Recital

Good things come to those who wait for our kind of Magic. It’s a Kind of Magic was our theme for our end year recitals, and it was magical. We had 2 shows on Saturday at Gems Cambridge and 3 shows at Braeburn Gitanga. This was our way of letting the world know, what we have been up to all year long.

Our staff at DCK committed to excellence and delivered on platforms. The fete allowed us to share various forms of dance with ballet taking the lion’s share of the performances.
The shows began with the junior apprentices putting up a contemporary ballet piece of Phoenix Rising.Choreographed by Artistic Director Cooper Rust.

Then came on the little ones to perform. They were cute and a joy to watch. Their choreography was done by Deputy Artistic Director Caroline Slot and teachers Libby Kinkead and Kayla Hotz with assistance by Maggie Njeri. Along with teachers James Njung’e and Raymond Ochieng many different dance disciplines were showcased, with tap, hip-hop, musical theatre, gymnastics and contemporary all making the list.

The seniors also put on quite a show. With a few doing classical ballet variations and an enormous finale to David Bowe’s “Dance Magic Dance”.


However this was also going to be the last performance for some of our talented seniors.
Mai Sher who dance the “Beauty Fairy” variation from Sleeping Beauty was breathtaking.

Following her graduation from Hillcrest this year, she is going back to Israel in September to fulfil her duty with the Israeli military.

Lulu Heinel danced the “Tenderness Fairy” variation, which was perfectly executed. She has been accepted into the highly esteemed Laine Theatre of Arts next year to further study musical theatre in London.

As the greater family of DCK we wish them all the best as their new journeys lead them away from us. Their exceptional talent, skill and creativity will be sorely missed.
We look forward to having a bigger and better year starting September 3rd 2018. See you at the start of the new term on 3rd September 2018