Term Letter Jan 2021

Term Letter

Dear Parents and Students,

We are happy to resume physical classes at the DCK studios after the President’s announcement on 1st May 2021. We will continue to offer students the option of joining online if/when physical attendance is not an option. Please click this link for the registration form:

Link: https://forms.gle/BMzqso1UZEnoMwc16

Please note that this will be a 8-week Term (10th of May until 3rd of July) and we will not have a break in between the term.

DCK understands the seriousness of the pandemic and will continue to uphold the studio operation policies (see attached). There is a list of protocols to be followed by all persons entering the studio which will include temperature checks, mask wearing, social distance spaces in the studio, parents to wait outside, etc. Class sizes will remain limited so please sign up as soon as possible.

CREDIT and DEBIT for students who had registered for the Online Term:
Students who had registered and paid for the online 5 week April term, will be credited 60% of their fees paid and can deduct this from their class fees for this 8-week term.
Students who had registered but NOT YET paid for the online 5 week April term, should include 40% of the fees they owe in their total fees to be paid for this 8-week term.

All ballet students will remain in the level they were in before exams. We are hoping that all ballet students Grade 1 and above will continue to take a minimum of two ballet classes a week to maintain the standard they have achieved this year. Also, we are encouraging all pointe students to not only take the two ballet classes a week but also two pointe classes to not regress while out of the studio. If you have any questions concerning the level of class your child(ren) should attend, please get in touch with the team of administrators who will be happy to assist.

In this last term of the school year we are teaching open technique classes that will prepare them for the next Grade/Level. The vocational open ballet classes are open to everyone between Grade 5 and Advanced II and there are no separate classes for these levels. The pointe classes are open to all levels except for the Advanced Pointe classes, these are only open to Advanced pointe students.

We highly recommend that the vocational students make the effort to take classes like Gold Musical Theatre and Silver Tap.

Limited spaces available, please register now!
Please fill out the registration form (one student per form please, even for siblings) and make payment.

Link: https://forms.gle/BMzqso1UZEnoMwc16

Share our schedule and registration link with your friends and invite them to dance! We will give a discount of 10% on your next registration if you bring in someone who signs up for the term and indicates that you are the one who told them to join DCK. New students can still do a week of trial classes for KES 1000 before signing up for the class of their choice.