Holiday Program:

For those whose schools are closing soon/have closed already, we are offering holiday workshops from the 4th-23rd of April from 9.30am – 12.30pm in Hardy Shopping Centre and Lavington Mall and from the 4th-16th of April from 9.30am – 12.30am in Rosslyn Riviera Studio. Dance, Ballet, Gymnastics and Arts and Craft, all in one! 3 hours of fun for the kids and 3 hours of peace for the parents.

Every week we work with a different theme:

Week 1: Means of Transport

Week 2: Olympics

Week 3: Summer

We will hold a presentation for the parents on last day of a workshop-week so that the parents get to see what the children have worked on.

Additionally, in Lavington we will be running a Gymnastics Intensive Workshop on Saturday 9th,16th and 23rd of April afternoon from 1.00-3.30 pm for students who are 7 years and above.

Tap on the link below for information and to register.



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